WRTAHowland Township recognizes that transit service within its borders is limited, so one of the objectives in its comprehensive plan is to encourage public transportation into and through the Township on main thoroughfares. Not all of our residents have ready access to motor vehicles. This limits their options, including for employment. And that affects all of us.

The Western Reserve Transit Authority is developing a service plan to provide public transportation to Trumbull County. They are asking anyone who lives, works, or does business in Trumbull County to take a survey to help determine what the extent of the need for their services. In particular, they would like to hear from agencies that represent underserved populations, such as senior citizens, persons with disabilities, low income, veterans, minorities, and those who are limited English-proficient.

Howland Township is asking for you to take and share this survey. There are thriving retail, commercial, and industrial areas in Howland Township that we think could benefit from a dedicated public transportation system that helps people and businesses who are here and those who want to come here.

Respondents can complete the online survey using a computer or smart phone: https://wrta-survey.civicmapper.com. It is available in English and Spanish.


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