altThe Howland Township Summer Youth Sport and Recreation Program begins June 10th! The program is designed to provide children, ages 6-13, the opportunity to learn the basic skills needed to participate in a variety of different recreational activities. The camps provide fun for the children in a controlled interactive environment, while promoting individual and group skills development. We hope to lay a foundation for each child to begin the process of developing a healthy lifestyle, which will carry over into adulthood.

When: Each camp is offered for one week, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to noon. Please pick children up at noon.

Where: All camps will take place at either Howland Middle School, Howland High School, or Howland Township Park, unless otherwise indicated.

Staff: The camps are staffed by knowledgeable staff who are qualified in each recreational activity and consist of quality teachers, coaches, students, and volunteers from Howland Township, local communities, colleges and universities.

Cost: One week of camp for a Howland resident is $30, non-resident is $40.

Equipment: It is suggested that all campers bring a water bottle and a snack if needed

Click The Links Below For More Information:
2019 Howland Youth Sport and Recreation Program Registration Form
2019 Howland Youth Sport and Recreation Program Schedule

Trumbull Family Fitness is also holding swimming classes during the month of June.  See below for a registration form:
2019 Youth Swim Program Registration Form

Program Objectives:

  • Provide children the opportunity to learn the basic skills and rules to participate in sport and recreational activities.
  • Provide instruction in a safe, enjoyable, and fun learning environment.
  • Provide the opportunity for children to meet and interact with other children.
  • Provide the opportunity for children to participate in activities that are new to them or in which they may not normally have the chance to participate.

* *For safety reasons, parents or guardians must check their children in and out with the camp director. * *

No children will be permitted to ride their bikes to camp without parental guidance unless given special permission.

For more information:
Contact Summer Youth Sport & Recreational Hotline @ 330-856-2340.
Additional camp programs and registration forms are available at the Howland Township Administrative Office.

Registration form and payment for following week's camp must be turned into Howland Township Administrative Offices by noon on preceding Friday.
Cash and checks only. Make checks payable to CSRD.

Sponsored by Howland Township and The Center for Sport & Recreation at Kent State University

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