Help the environment with AWCSSR! Never heard of it?

Automated Wheeled Cart Single Stream Recycling and it has come to HOWLAND TOWNSHIP!
One Container. No Sorting....... No Kidding!

altThe easiest way to recycle is here in Howland offered only by Allied Waste!
Contact Allied Waste of Youngstown by phone at 330-793-7676 to sign up for your 65-gallon cart, recycling and reduced rates! Information is also available at the Township office to sign up.
Once you receive your cart place all your recyclable materials in one container with no separating or sorting needed.

We'll do it for you! Just a few simple guidelines outlined below to avoid any service interruptions

  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Metal beverage and food cans
  • Paper milk or Juice containers
  • Aluminum cans
  • Egg Cartons
  • Plastic bottles (Types 1 through 7)
  • Paper from news, magazines, junk mail, dry non-coated food paper
  • Boxboard – tissue, dryer sheets, tooth paste, cereal, spaghetti, cracker and other dry foods boxes
  • All cardboard must be broken down so that it is inside your cart
  • Paper Coffer cups
  • Shampoo and laundry bottles
  • Garbage, food waste, diapers, paper plates, hangers, old plastic toys
  • Meat or Cheese plastic wrapping or paper packaging
  • Wax or plastic wrap or bags
  • Freezer food packaging
  • Plastic deli, product or take-out packaging or utensils
  • Plastic bags or wrapping film
  • Formed or pellet styrofoam packaging
  • Window glass, ceramics or dishware, mirrors, light bulbs