Garage Sale

June 7th, 8th & 9th
We are encouraging residents to hold a garage sale on these dates. There will be NO CHARGE for a garage sale permit on these days. When you sign up for your free permit we will make a list and advertise in the newspaper listing all the addresses. This is another great way to recycle. You must sign up by Monday, June 4th to be included in the free advertisement. You can get your permit at the township administration building from 8-4:30 p.m. M-F.

Click Below for a Current Listing of Sales This Year!
(Sign up by June 4th, this list will be updated)


House Number   Street Name
3803 Adrian 
8844 Altura NE
8924 Altura NE
7588 Anderson NE
2506 Atlantic Dr NE
4189 Bellwood Dr SE
4119 Bellwood Dr SE
1375 Bittersweet Dr NE
8510 Black Oak Dr NE
9242 Briarbrook Dr NE
9191 Briarbrook Dr NE
8957 Cain Dr NE
8568 Carriage Hill NE
1955 Celestial Dr NE
2079 Celestial Dr NE
241 Clifton Dr NE
1306 Cranbrook Circle
155 Darlington NE
104 Eastwind 
3975 Fairlawn Hts Dr SE
303 Fonderlac Dr SE
285 Fonderlac Dr SE
1011 Forest Pointe Ct 
3076 Gretchen Dr NE
3179 Gretchen Dr NE
2447 Henn Hyde Rd NE
8325 Hiram Place SE
8698 Howland Springs Rd SE
2029 Howland Wilson
225 Howland Wilson Rd NE
958 Howland Wilson Road   SE
274 Howland Wilson Road   SE
287 Howland Wilson SE
8681 Huntley Dr SE
3840 Jeanette Dr SE
7448 Johnnycake SE
543 Laurelwood NE
4033 Longhill NE
4060 Longhill NE
7731 Micawber Rd.
91 Nicklaus Dr NE
3958 Northwood Dr SE
7634 Pegotty NE
7718 Pegotty NE
8488 Red Oak Dr NE
1958 Roberts Lane NE
952 Rosegarden NE
1076 Roseway SE
1153 Rosewood Dr NE
646 Shadowood Lane SE
825 Shadowood Lane SE
8479 Sleepy Hollow Dr NE
8482 Sleepy Hollow Dr NE
219 Southwind Dr NE
3729 Southwood Dr SE
3849 Southwood Dr SE
4056 Valacamp SE
3971 Valacamp SE
7762 Venice Dr NE
315 Westchester Dr SE
1322 Westover Dr SE
105 Westwind Dr NE
117 Westwind Dr NE
1413 White Oak Dr NE
1562 Woodhill Circle NE