Executive Summary Update to Comprehensive Plan

After extensive input from the community, the Board of Trustees in July 2010 adopted a comprehensive plan laying out goals for our community and objectives by which to accomplish them. We – including our administration, staff, employees, and appointed board members – use them as the guiding principles behind the decisions that we make on a daily basis. The comprehensive plan highlights the community’s future intentions, but it also assists the Township by serving as a guide for the overall growth and redevelopment for residents, businesses, and public officials; serving as a basis for administering the zoning resolution and for making reasonable decisions on development and rezoning applications; promoting innovative, sustainable, and green development and redevelopment practices; ensuring the continuity of long-range economic development, planning, and capital improvement policies and programs; assisting the Township in applying for state and federal grant programs; preserving the aesthetic and natural character of Howland Township; and promoting the safety, prosperity, health, morals, and aesthetics of our residents.

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Nine years ago, the Board of Trustees adopted a comprehensive plan to provide a set of common goals and objectives to guide its public officials towards the future. This is the fifth update that the Board has provided to demonstrate to its residents that this blueprint for our future has not remained on the shelf gathering dust but has become ingrained into our decision-making process. We are proud of this.

We know that our community – and the Mahoning Valley – faces challenges from an ever-changing economic environment. Two years ago, we emphasized the role that small businesses play in our local economy and that “[l]ocal governments have some ability to help create the environment for these small businesses to succeed, particularly with the physical infrastructure upon which those businesses rely.” That is no less true today than it was then.

We continue to work through the Golden Triangle Infrastructure Plan to address the needs of the businesses in this vibrant industrial area that is now the largest hub of industrial activity in Trumbull County. It is critical that we listen to, and work with, these businesses to address their needs.

The focus of our next year will be to examine the state of our comprehensive plan to see whether it needs updating to address the work that has been done and any conditions that have changed since it was adopted and to revise its outlook for the next decade.

We once again reiterate that the comprehensive plan is a living document and not a punch list. We strive to be a strong, forward-thinking community and the best-run township in Trumbull County, operating in a professional, transparent manner. We encourage you to read this update – together with the previous ones – to get the full picture of where your Township is headed.

Your township trustees, 

Rick G. Clark                                  Dr. James J. LaPolla, Jr.                         Matthew G. Vansuch

September 13, 2019

[1] The plan is available on the township’s website at


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