The Board of Zoning Appeals serves in the capacity of a "judicial branch" of zoning administration. The Board of Appeals is permitted to exercise only three functions by the Ohio Revised Code. These include the hearing of Appeals from an adverse ruling by the Township Planning & Zoning Department, variances from a specific requirement of a Howland Township Zoning Resolution, and the issuance of conditional zoning certificates for conditional permitted land uses.

The Township Board of Zoning Appeals is composed of five Howland residents who are appointed by the Township Trustees to staggered five-year terms: Robert Coller (through 2017), Ned Gold (through 2019), Brendan Keating (through 2018), Christopher Morrone (through 2016), and Hillary Madeline (through 2020); the alternate is Samuel Bluedorn (through 2017).

Applications for an appeal or to request a variance follow.

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