Officers are provided training in the use of less lethal force options to include Oleoresin Capsicum and the ASP Tactical Baton. These less lethal options were added to the array of choices an officer can consider when verbal communication and open hand techniques are ineffective or inappropriate to maintain control and compliance.

Oleoresin Capsicum:
(O.C.) Oleoresin Capsicum is an aerosol propellant used to cause irritation and disorientation to an aggressive subject. This disorientation gives officers the ability to quell a disturbance and maintain control of a situation without causing any permanent injury to the subject.

ASP Tactical Baton:
The ASP Tactical Baton is used to maintain control through pain compliance and muscle disruption. Officers are instructed to deliver strikes to specified body masses to obtain a position of advantage for controlling an uncooperative subject.

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Captian James Pantalone Lance Blair
HPD Officer Training always begins with many hours in the classroom. Ofc. Bowker (after being exposed to O.C.) being assisted by Ofc. Pendel.

Captian James Pantalone Captian James Pantalone
Instructor Ofc. Bill Barna demonstrating an officer assistance maneuver. Officers line up for instruction.

Captian James Pantalone Lance Blair
O.C. being applied to Sgt. Carr Sgt.Urso using ASP Baton in a basic
ground defensive maneuver.

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