Trumbull County

Trumbull County EngineerWarren CityHowland TownshipHowland Township Trustees, Warren City Mayor, Trumbull County Commissioners and the County Engineer presented the recommendations of a year-long infrastructure planning initiative, funded in part by the US Economic Development Administration, targeting the Golden Triangle Industrial Area. Daniel E. Polivka, President, Board of Trumbull County Commissioners says that he appreciates the collaborative effort of so many entities working together towards improving the quality of life for the residents and the businesses of Trumbull County.

The plan proposes a series of public improvements to the County’s busiest industrial area, the Golden Triangle. “It’s a concentrated cluster of manufacturing that is still functioning on 20th century infrastructure,” according to Rick Clark, Chairman of the Howland Township Board of Trustees, citing narrow roads, dated waterlines, and inadequate storm water storage. Randy Smith, Trumbull County Engineer, said the dated infrastructure limits the opportunities for these businesses to expand and for the area to grow. He said “the improvements recommended by the plan will remove some of the physical barriers to growth”.

The recommendations of the plan range from simple directional signage to a reconfiguration of an intersection, to a new access road. “Investing in our infrastructure is one way to help our economy grow,” says Warren City Mayor Doug Franklin. The public is encouraged to attend the meeting. Conceptual renderings of the plan’s recommendations will be available to view and comments will be accepted.

Click here for the Golden Triangle Infrastructure Improvement Plan

2022 Update: In May 2022, the Economic Development Administration awarded $2.7 million for improvements on Bronze Road, the intersection at Larchmont Avenue/ Paige Road/Dana Street, and the Overland Road/Bronze Road intersection. This brings the total investment through the Golden Triangle Infrastructure Improvement Plan to $6 million.



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