Darlene St. George

Darlene St. George


To assist them in their duties, the trustees have appointed an administrator to be the full-time administrative head of the township. The administrator serves under the direction and supervision of the trustees and holds office at their pleasure.

Duties of the Administrator

The current administrator is Darlene St. George. She is responsible for:

• Supervising and directing the activities of the Divisions of Government under the control or jurisdiction of the Trustees.
• Recommend measures, policies, resolutions and actions for adoption by the Board.
• Prepare and submit such reports and communications which are required by the Board or as is considered advisable
• Keeping the Board advised on the financial condition of the Township.
• Working closely with all Department Heads, Zoning and the Clerk's office to assure Township Government is responsive to the public and functioning efficiently and effectively.
• Perform the human resource functions for the Township.
• Provide public information to the media and residents.
• Labor management functions including negotiations and contract administration.
• Attendance at all appropriate meetings where the Township is involved.
• Liaison with Federal, State and local elected officials.
• Grant writing and seeking sources of outside funding.
• Any other duties required for the efficient and effective operation of Township government.